Venator is the Latin word for “Hunter”. Fishing in Colorado is such an amazing experience that it needs to be shared as much as possible. The best fishing trip is a successful fishing trip, and that is why Venator Lures has worked so hard to develop their aluminum and powder coated lure, the “Wobbler”.  The Wobbler is designed to fish over and over again, and the various colors make many types of fish want to bite.  Venator Lures are fished throughout Colorado and the stories and pictures are amazing!

Constructed of aircraft grade aluminum 6063-T6, the Venator Wobbler is designed to take the abuse of fishing from the novice to the expert wrangler. Every Venator Wobbler is made from a solid aluminum body. Each lure is made from up to 30% of recycled aluminum. Venator Lures keeps the environment in mind when choosing materials to produce their lures.

The Venator Wobbler has a truly unique finish when compared to other lures. Every Venator Wobbler has a powder coat base applied to the aluminum core. Using a proprietary process, Venator Lures is able to create other patterns using the same powder coat. Each lure is hand powder coated, adding a unique flair to each lure produced.

The Wobblers swimming action is unique in itself. The Wobbler, wobbles side to side in a smooth arch. This lure can be trolled from speeds as slow as 0.25 mph to 5.0 mph. The Wobbler can also be fished using Lead Core or Downriggers. Casting is the most popular way to fish the Wobbler, and there is no wrong way to cast it. With smooth retrieves to erratic twitches the Wobbler produces time and time again.

The Venator Wobbler is one of the hottest spoons to hit the water in a long time. With a proven technology and a hand crafted attitude, the Venator Wobbler is out to catch fish. Venator Lures prides itself with knowing that whenever a Venator Wobbler is at the end of any fishing line, any trip can become Epic!

With more colors patterns being tested and more lakes being fished, Venator Lures will have the right color patterns for you. Venator Lures are Made in the USA by fishermen for fishermen. Check out their full line of products at

“Because Every trip Should Be Epic!” ~ John Bruckner