With the calendar flipping over into spring we have entered a unique part of the year for true trophy angling in Colorado. The ice is off of all our Front Range lakes and the walleye fishing is really heating up, this marks the time of year when we catch the biggest Walleyes of the year, giant females on the prowl in shallow water as they spawn and chow down after the spawn.

Go west into the high country and you have a great opportunity to still get your ice fishing fix and chase some of our true giant fish in Colorado as the pike are now is pre-spawn mode and are beginning to show up in ultra-shallow water and rev up their aggression as they begin to stage in their spawning areas. This is the best time of the year for trophy class Pike through the ice and not too far away you have the potential of sticking a world -class Walleye and fish of a lifetime.

This speaks to the incredible opportunities that this great State has to offer, where else can you catch trophy Pike through the ice and trophy open water Walleyes. Don’t miss out on these bites as the window could close as quickly as the weather changes.

Tightlines! Will Dykstra