I intently watched my client’s weed covered lure make its way to the boat. My client pulled his lure back quickly, and as the lure began to rise out of the water a massive wake appeared behind it. The wake was like nothing I had ever seen, and a giant “freak of nature” pike followed the lure right to the boat. I noticed a white gash on her head identifying her as a fish I had seen before. Shortly after this encounter with the giant, my client caught a solid, healthy 41.5″ pike. But in that moment it just seemed small in comparison to the monster I had just seen. This was one of 4 times that I saw her in a matter of 2 weeks. The last time I saw her she had my client’s lure in her mouth and she very coldly gave the lure back. My heart sank. I hate throwing numbers out there, but this I know…if she is caught she will shatter the state record. She is built like a tank and she is still out there, terrorizing perch, trout, and other pike.

This past August was certainly one I will never forget. I love teaching people how to fish and I love seeing people catch big fish. The pike bite this summer was as good as I have ever seen which means the fall is primed and ready to be epic. The age class of fish we are on right now is of great quality and abundance. I think this year we have a legitimate shot at making Colorado angling history.

Will Dykstra