During the trade show season this past winter I had a great time talking with many anglers that call Colorado home. Most of these anglers would stop at the booth and ask where the fish from the booth background were caught. There were a lot of guesses like Minnesota, Ontario, Manitoba, Lake Erie, and so on. There were very few that guessed correctly and said Colorado.

Every year anglers make a pilgrimage to destinations like the above mentioned and spend a lot of money doing it. I am one of them, I make my pilgrimage every summer to Northwest Ontario to pursue muskies and know the kind of money that goes into a trip like that, not to mention the travel time and the vacation time spent on it. We are really fortunate outdoorsmen/women to have the caliber of fishing we have access to here in Colorado. Whether it be for giant Northern Pike and Lake Trout or Trophy Class Walleyes, Largemouth, and Smallmouth, Colorado is truly an angler’s dream. We literally have trophy potential in nearly any body of water in Colorado and have a species diversity that even places like Minnesota can’t compare to.

Last year a good friend of mine decided to skip his destination fishing trip to Canada and stayed home to save some cash as well as vacation time for his elk hunt. He decided to compare his biggest fish of the year last year to the fish he typically catches in Canada. He caught personal bests in 4 species last season right here in Colorado, including a 44″ Pike and a 29″ Walleye, shattering his bests that he had caught previously in Canada. Not to mention while pursuing Pike in South Park he caught his personal best Rainbow and Brown Trout as well.

What I guess I am trying to say is that with the economy the way it has been, I know it can be tough to pony up and spend money on destination fishing trips. Well you are in luck, you have world class fisheries right in your own backyard here in Colorado. From Largemouth to Lakers, from Crappies to Carp, consider a Colorado “staycation” this year and you might just have your best year of fishing ever.