As open water is officially upon us on the Front Range and our mountain lakes begin to break up, our tackle boxes begin to grow and get organized. I sat in my boat last night putting together my spring Pike boxes and got somewhat overwhelmed the myriad of lures I have. Along with being overwhelmed I became a little bit in awe of some of the lures I use to pursue fish that inhabit our waters right here in Colorado. It was somewhat of a lure timeline if you will, looking at lures I have had for years that I have had great success with, and then looking at some of the new, state of the art lures we have on the shelves of our stores today, giant swimbaits, lifelike paint jobs or print jobs in some cases, and the most lifelike action you could dream of.

Fishing has truly become an evolutionary sport and technology has become an intricate part of our success on the water. With that said, you don’t necessarily need to have the latest model or newest “hot” bait that comes out. I will admit however I really want all that stuff!  Our fisheries along the sport are evolving in some cases equally as fast. For example some lures I used to use that were my “go- to” presentation, became popular (for good reason) and the fish seemed to have gotten wise to them and they are no longer as productive as they used to be. Someday I anticipate it will go full circle and some of those old “go-to” lures will be top producers again.

What I am trying to say is that we are really fortunate to be fishing in Golden Age of angling. We have the latest and greatest right at our finger tips with the cutting edge technology that some of these companies are using. Pay attention to what is new this year as there are some pretty incredible lures coming out that these fish have never seen and could really give you an advantage out on the water. Now, does this mean abandon everything you have and focus on fishing the new stuff? Absolutely not! Every year I add certain lures to my tackle box and take away a few that just didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. This way my arsenal of lures does not get overwhelming when I am out on the water, but I also hold onto my tried and true producers that I know will eventually put fish in the boat.

The fishing industry in an ever-changing animal and keeping up with it is imperative for success. Don’t be afraid of trying some of those new lures that are out, but certainly don’t abandon what you have confidence in and have had success with.

This Spring I intend to mix it up and really go after huge pike trying some new baits that these fish haven’t seen, but believe me that I will always have some my old faithfuls clipped on to ensure continued success. The Pike bite is going to HOT HOT HOT this spring and expect to see some real giant fish that fall to the hands of Tightline Outdoors.

-Will Dykstra