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 Welcome to Tightline Outdoors Ice School!

Ice School 2023 will follow the same structure as 2021 and 2022. The 3-hour classroom session will be done through a video link that you will have access to prior to your day on the ice. This will be followed up with a Q&A zoom call with the other anglers in your classroom to answer specific questions that you may have.

Then on the specific day of your on-ice portion of the school, you will join Nate Zelinsky on the ice for a 4-hour educational fishing experience. All fishing equipment will be provided for the on-ice portion of this school including Vexilar’s, Rods/Reels, Tackle, Augers, Bait, etc. Students will be responsible for valid fishing licenses and appropriate clothing.

On-ice portion for both sessions will be held at Cherry Creek Reservoir.

REGISTER BY EMAILING [email protected]


  • The perfect plan of the 3 W’s which covers the food, fishing contour, and timing.
  • Seasonal winter migrations
  • Depth ranges
  • Moon phase activity
  • Barometric pressure effect
  • Gear: augers, shelters, flashers/graphs
  • Tackle-spoons, blades, swims, and live bait
  • Rods/reels/line
  • A typical day, setting up for success
  • Safety


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