The Clam Bomb Spoon looks like no other spoon on the market…mainly
because it is not really a spoon. If you read the card it describes
the lure as a “bait delivery device” and if you think of it that way
it makes total sense. Buy this lure in its smaller size and take it
directly to the Chatfield Ponds. Fishing for small perch in 20+ feet
of water demands control and the minnow heads (or up to 3 full
minnows) that work best at the ponds takes some weight to drop that
far. Plus, the symmetrical design reduces line twist. The bomb spoon
is a jig head that can hold a bunch of bait!

Buy the larger size and replace the treble with a #4 single hook for
trout, lake trout, and pike. This spoon is a great way to put sucker
meat in front of large fish, especially in deeper water. This lure was
made to pound a mud bottom and create a disturbance which is a great
way to attract trout off a deep point at Wolford, deep Lakers
anywhere, and Pike on a weed edge at Tarryall or Elevenmile. If you
need more flash, try your normal kastmaster but if you want to put
your bait on the bottom and bring the fish in use the right spoon for
the job.

David Harrison