Venator is the Latin word for “Hunter”. Fishing in Colorado is such an amazing experience that it needs to be shared as much as possible. The best fishing trip is a successful fishing trip, and that is why Venator Lures has worked so hard to develop their aluminum and powder coated lure, the “Wobbler”.  The Wobbler is […]

As open water is officially upon us on the Front Range and our mountain lakes begin to break up, our tackle boxes begin to grow and get organized. I sat in my boat last night putting together my spring Pike boxes and got somewhat overwhelmed the myriad of lures I have. Along with being overwhelmed […]

The Clam Bomb Spoon looks like no other spoon on the market…mainly because it is not really a spoon. If you read the card it describes the lure as a “bait delivery device” and if you think of it that way it makes total sense. Buy this lure in its smaller size and take it […]